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RETURN OF PRODUCTS If you received your oils in good shape but you do not like the odor of one of them, keep in mind Several things

1. Have you ordered this oil before?

2. Did you receive or purchase a sample prior to purchase?

3. Is it that you simply do not like the oil or you feel it is not the correct product?

Also remember that there are different strokes for different folks, BUT - I will try my best to make it right because I want to keep you happy and keep you coming back to our company.

In such a case, contact our office and even though we can not take an oil back if it's been opened because the oil can't be resold due to the possibility of contamination ... we'll work something out. Ask yourself, would you want to receive an oil I took back from another customer??   I know that I would not want to purchase a returned product and I am a firm believer in treating others as I would want to be treated.  

Please don't just send the oil back, contact me and give me a shot at making it right. I cannot resell oils that are returned because I cannot guarantee the integrity of the oil without having it analyzed.  Accordingly, I do not accept returns unless there is a problem that is the fault of my company or the quality of the oil.

In no case can I accept return of a product later than 5 working days from date of receipt .. and then, I do not accept returns unless the buyer contacts me first to discuss the reasons for the return. And even after such permission is granted, any bottle that has been opened cannot be accepted.

Returns: Store Credits will be issued for all returns unless otherwise discussed and approved by me or my personal assistant and manager.


Please check your shipment for external damage before signing for it .. or if it is an order that requires no signature, bring the problem to the attention of the Postal authorities .. immediately. In all cases you must bring the damage to the attention of the shipper. If an order is badly damaged you do not have to accept it.

In case of internal damage that is discovered after the shipment is signed for or obtained from the Post Office .. Do Not Discard the Box or the Broken Products - Pictures will Be needed For an Insurance Claim. If a buyer disregards this policy, They will not Be Able to Be Reimbursed.