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The 2017 Turkish Rose Otto Oils Sale begins now.   This sale is for Hydro Steam Distilled Rose Otto.  Terms and pricing for Rose Absolute will follow in a separate letter.
Please read this entire announcement PRIOR to placing your order.

This Turkish Rose Otto, 2017 Crop .. is from the same grower and Master Distiller Butch Owen / AVNP has used for many years and now AHO also participates in this wonderful opportunity.    Since 1995 our supplier has always supplied high-quality Rose products and our buyers have always been satisfied .. it will be no different this time.

We make this offer to our customers so you can take advantage of our bulk purchase and shipping.  Even if you could get a very good price on a small amount of Rose Otto from Turkey the shipping cost from Turkey would most likely cancel out your good pricing.  With this Pre-Order Sale, you will have access to Bulk pricing and the benefit of lower shipping charges.
Quality is Guaranteed!  
If you would like to participate in this opportunity please visit our web site now!   I am more than confident in the fairness of our prices and I am 100% certain that the Quality and Purity of our Rose products might be matched by other sellers ... but they will not be exceeded ... one cannot exceed perfection.
A copy of the analysis and it will be provided .. FREE!

Keep in mind that one kilogram is 2.2046 pounds .. and for a kilogram .. most sellers ask their 16 oz price X 2.2046.
¼  oz ...... $145.00
½  oz ....... $275.00
01 oz ....... $510.00
02 oz ....... $980.00
04 oz ...... $1,750.00
08 oz ..... $3,150.00
16 oz .... $5852.00
01 kg .... $11950.00

A kilogram of PURE Turkish Rose Otto from any source you can find will be $1,000.00 + MORE than what we are offering above .. check it out!

Those who wish to get in on this  TIME SENSITIVE  buy can go to our Web site at and click on the Featured Rose Otto 2017 Pre-Order Sale.  The pre-sale will end 9/13/17 and at that time we will place our order.
Payment Terms
As has ALWAYS been the case with our Rose Product offers .. we must pay Cash up front and we must protect our company.  We cannot make a Bulk Order based on promises because Stuff Happens and sometimes folks find that they can no longer take what they committed to take during better times .. that would result in us being stuck with more product than we want and excess stock on the shelf is a big cash flow nightmare.
Accordingly, as has ALWAYS been the case .. we must require a FIFTY PERCENT (50%) down payment for this Special Order.   The balance .. plus actual shipping cost .. to be paid the day the order is shipped to you from our company, Appalachian Valley Natural Products (Anatolian Treasures) in Downtown Friendsville, Maryland .. population 596.

Payment options are PayPal ... Check or Money Order .. or all Credit Cards except  American Express.
Following every Special Buy AVNP has offered since 1995, folks have come along AFTER the cut off and asked to buy product .. their reasons for being late are almost always valid and I feel for them but we are rarely able to accommodate.  Please do not be angry if this happens to you.

AGAIN, I GUARANTEE that these prices for pure Rose Otto are lower than anyone out and about now.  

I recommend that prior to placing your order, you shop around and see what others are asking for this product. I can't imagine a better marketing strategy than asking folks to shop first.  I also recommend that you not wait too long to do this.
Thank you for your business. It is greatly appreciated.
All the best and Keep Smiling,
John Croskey  : )
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Olive Oil
You simply must try our Olive Oil.  

Cold Pack & Insulated Box for Summer/Warm Climate Shipments now available.  Check out our Cold Pack under Supplies.

We are doing our best to make all this information available on the new web site.  I just ask if there is something you need and it is not available on our site that you please bring it to our attention. Thank you.  John