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If you are located in a remote area where High Speed Internet is not available, or you just do not want or need to see pictures, the All Products listing may be right for you. Under the All Products heading you can view and purchase our products without having to download pictures of each item. In order to use the All Products Links you need to use the menus under the All Products page. If you click on the main menu bar you will download pictures. You can go from the all products links to the main menu at any time. Enjoy.

Cocoa Butter is partially Deodorized. the strong natural chocolate aroma has been reduced but is still present in a light pale brownish color.
Cocoa Butter White is fully deodorized. If your cream/blend calls for a Cocoa Butter that has no odor or color, this is the one you want.
Smell the Coffee :)
Our Coffee Oil come to us from Venezuela and is a CO2.
One smell and you will fall in Love....with our Coffee oil. Our Coffee Oil is Columbian Coffee. I want a cup now!
Citrus Wonder Pure Natural Body Lotion No Parabens Natural Preservative Environmentally Friendly No Animal Testing Baby-Safe Ingredients. Essential Oils of Lemon and Grapefruit are at a low ratio of less than 3% for aroma.
Rosewood Replacement Blend. All Natural EO Blend that will have you thinking it is the real thing. The GC looks just like Rosewood.
I will say there is nothing like the real thing when it comes to Aroma.