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Hemp Mint Blend
This is our only Hemp blend that starts with a 750/30 dilution. Base on that other sizes are listed below. This is a Full Spectrum, all Natural, pesticide-free full spectrum blend containing no fillers or synthetic preservatives.
Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, No alcohols
For your information, other dilutions are:
500/30ml = 16.67mg/1ml Hemp
150/30ml = 5mg/1ml Hemp
NOTE: The sample-3ml is poured into a 5ml bottle. An orifice reducer (dropper) will be in the bottle. You will hold the bottle upside down and allow the product to drop under your tongue. :)
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The Mint Hemp Oil is a 25mg/1ml Full Spectrum oil.  A Full Spectrum hemp oil is one that contains multiple cannabinoids that occurs naturally in cannabis commonly referred to as cbd.  As a full spectrum distillate dilution, this oil will also contain a small amount of thc, (below the legal limit of .3%).

This is a pure Hemp Oil with a natural mint flavoring.  It contains no Essential Oil. Usual starting dosage is one-half dropper under the tongue.  

Suggested dilution in massage is 1 part Mint Hemp Oil and two to three parts additional carrier oil or your preference.

The 25mg/1ml dilutions is commonly referred to as a 750mg/30ml or one ounce.  Because we offer this oil in several sizes and for you to easily know the dilution, we quote our hemp oils in milligrams per milliliter.

Zero Tolerance:  Although there is a very small amount, the thc will show in a blood test.  People in positions that have a zero tolerance for thc should only use products made from an Isolate.  An isolate will have only cbd and no other cannabinoids.

Due to the nature and use of this product, we do not offer .3ml samples: However: We do offer a 3ml bottle as our smallest size to make sampling affordable.  The three ml sample bottles have reducers.  The fifteen and thirty ML bottles have droppers.


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