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CO2 Extracts

Chili Pepper (Capsicum) CO2 Total, India Capsicum content no less than three percent.
Smell the Coffee :)
Our Coffee Oil come to us from Venezuela and is a CO2.
Frankincense Oman CO2 Everything you would expect in a Frankincense from Oman and it is a CO2...Very nice.
German Chamomile CO2 Consistency is waxy. Not at all like the Essential Oil. Chamazulene count: 5.5%
Marigold Flower CO2 Calendula officinalis
Rosemary CO2 Rosmarinus officinalis Cineole
This oil is a light orange in color. The carrier oil is a deep dark red. Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is produced from the fruit of the Hippophae rhamnoides. Naturally rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and nutrients, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is known to be a unique ingredient for nutritional supplement and topical applications. The CO2 Oil is Lighter in color yet stronger in aroma than the cold pressed offered on our web site.