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CBD Products

Full Spectrum and THC FREE,  Our CBD Oils are offered both ways.  Our expanded our line of CBD products to include Essential Oil CBD Blends, CBD Massage Oils and CBD Creams.

All of our CBD Essential Oils Blends are made to be 1000mg CBD per ounce, (30ml).   The amount of Essential Oil in our CBD Essential Oil blends is 10% of the total volume.  If you purchase a 15ml bottle, (1/2 ounce), the amount of CBD is 500mg per 1/2 ounce.  Both the 30ml, (1-ounce), and 15ml, (1/2-ounce), sizes are dropper bottles.  

Our CBD Isolate is 99.7% Pure and we offer it in 1,3,5 and 10gr sizes.  Please send us an email for larger quantities.

Massage CBD Oils are made with CBD Isolate containing NO THC.  The CBD Massage Oils are offered in two concentrations, 150mg/30ml and 300mg/30ml.   We use the same high-quality Fractionated Coconut oil in all of our CBD products.  Therefore; the CBD massage oils can be applied topically or simply place a few drops under your tongue.