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Myrrh Hydrosol

Myrrh Hydrosol is another must-try item. Order a sample. I believe you will be back to purchase. Very Nice...soothing!
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Botanical Name:

  (Commiphora myrrha)


Part Used:   Resin
 Distillation Method:   HS (help)
Safe uses:  

Recent Test Results 

Less than 1 Total Plate Count

Less than 1 Total Coliform

Less than 1 Yeast Count

Equal to:  1 Mold Count

Our Hydrosols are tested every 90 days for fungal and microbial contamination at:-
Superior Labs, Inc.
1075 Amity Road
Galloway, Ohio 43119 
Tel: (614) 870-6826
Tel: (800) 886-5227
Fax: (614) 851-1375

Superior Laboratories, Inc., is an authorized testing agency: 
1. Ohio EPA Water Approval No. 890
2. USDA Accreditation Number 3983

The last test results were above the acceptable standard for drinking water. 
Specifically, our test results were as follows .. keep in mind the following three points:
1. When a Hydrosol leaves the still it will be sterile. Only improper handling or storage ..or adulteration with water that was not distilled can contaminate a Hydrosol.
2. The Ohio State standard for bottled drinking water is Plate Count of bacteria no higher than 500 parts per million in 100 ml of pure water.

Hydrosols are shipped in Food Industry Approved plastic jugs.

For long term storage, Hydrosols should be transferred to sterile glass containers with sterile caps. To avoid contamination we should NOT touch bottle rims, or inside bottle caps with fingers, or pour unused hydrosols back into container. We should avoid direct sunlight and avoid extreme heat for long periods of 
time. Refrigeration can assist in extending shelf life of hydrosols.


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